Saturday, October 25, 2014

Camera Critters and Pets Always A bloggers dog at 8 and my cat Pinky at 20

 Adopted awhile ago 8 years , he goes everywhere with his owner Debi and she tells us temps etc . Her good friend is always there . These are the adoptions I love !!

 My cat Pinky wants a close up

There he is !!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

13 Facts about America - source baba mail but figures change often - something to think about

Apple has more money than the US Treasury 

25 per cent of Americans believe in reincarnation

20 per cent of Americans do not believe we ever landed on the moon 
1 in every 8 Americans has worked in Mc Donalds  hmmn how did I escape ??

The most American presidents have been born in Va.

It is illegal for teenagers   to buy cigarettes but not to smoke

them in most places/

 If you have $10.00 ,you are richer than 34 per cent of the world
1 in every 3 people is obese in America (I'm on the cusp)

3 cows to 1 person in Montana

 The government archives each and every tweet in America
 The 6 th leading cause of death in America is medical error

There is no official language in America though most speak English 
***40 per cent of babies born in America are born to unwed women 

The first slave owner in America was a black man as was the first in West Africa.

My friends had their 5th child yesterday and it was my sister's birthday as well at the cutting of cord and beginning of life

Azariah Alfredo Welcome 

My sister turned 67 still that flowing red hair