Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chiara means cheerful in Italian and she was !!My little dog winged her way to heaven this week .She was 22 just 3 weeks shy of 23 I had her 16 years rescued from a puppy mill - Adieu Chiara

Despite all her physical problems from living in a box and bearing many offspring, she wagged 100 miles per hour and even on her sickest day  was happy to see you and never missed a pad in her last hours..I talked to her and cuddled many times a day and still find myself going to her chair.I was proud she had this free life to run and play .She was truly a great great dog person !!Bye bye Chiara!! She was sick less than a day and went to sleep..

Camera Critters A little girl named Ashlyn when visiting grandpa so many friends dogs , horses.she is riding in her first rodeo soon

Camera Critters and Pets Always extras

 Blues Brothers have nothing on them